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What are Taste Profiles™ and Why Should You Make One?

We live in a world where no one really knows how much sweet, sour, salty, bitter, umami or spice you want in your food. Say goodbye to those problems.

Introducing Taste Profiles™ a way for consumers to send their preferences for products to businesses so they can get exactly what they want!  

Benefits of Taste Profiles™

  • Filter products automatically based on your taste profile preferences making finding the products you love easy and efficient! 
  • FREE shipping and discounted pricing FOR LIFE on all products at Oomai Organics with an up to date Taste Profile™
  • One place for you to manage your allergy and dietary preferences so you the products you purchase always match what you want.
  • Walk into restaurants and get food tailored exactly to your tastes. No more worrying about how spicy a dish is or how sweet you want something!  (coming soon)
  • Earn additional credits with our “Oo Token” by answering surveys about products and services to purchase food products directly off our site or with our partners! (coming soon)

Your Tastes, Your World™ 

Your Taste Profiles™ Define the Products You Get Based on Your Preferences!

Let Your Tastes Deliver What You Want

Our Taste Profiles™ are a revolutionary new SaaS Product that gets rid of cookies, snooping, and plain old creepy behavior when it comes to online privacy. We let you tell us the things you like so we can find the things you want just like a conversation in real life, like it should be!

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