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We’re an online marketplace that enables customers to purchase Organic products at the lowest prices delivered to your door.

No, we do not prepare kits for you to cook however we have organic premade meals that are ready to eat so there is no prep time!

Not yet but they are on the way!

Our food is hand selected by chefs from organic manufacturers all over the world whose requirements are much stricter than the USDA.

Not all small farms can afford to be certified but we make sure they meet our strict quality control standards and are not exposed to any chemicals.

  • There is a lot of public debate about this however the reality is that without them much of the world would not be able to survive today. We check our products to ensure there are no GMO’s however they pose little to no risk to your health.


  • “European Union health agencies, and member nation health agencies, as well as the US FDA, EPA and USDA, are all involved in necessary rigorous assessments of GM foods (or any other foods) for allergic potential. The EPA, in fact, maintains an extensive list of foods that could trigger allergies. Another resource used to test for allergens is the University of Nebraska’s Allergen Online, which matches amino acid sequences of possible allergens with reference proteins known to cause allergies. And, so far, no single biotechnology-based protein in food has been found to cause an allergic reaction.


  • While any food could cause an allergic reaction in somebody, some patterns have arisen:


  • First, allergens are nearly all proteins. Thus, by studying the amino acid sequence of a potential genetically engineered protein and comparing to amino acid sequences of known allergens, it is relatively straightforward task to determine early on if a protein might cause problems.


  • Nearly all allergens trigger a complex immune system process that results in the creation of antibody called IgE (immunoglobulin type E). An allergy is triggered by the second exposure to the allergen, by triggering a reaction from IgE. However, the specific proteins that trigger this reaction vary a great deal.


  • While food allergies can come from any food, the overwhelming majority (90 percent) come from eight foods: Peanuts, wheat, soy, milk, shellfish, fish, eggs and tree nuts (Brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds). In children, most allergies are caused by eggs, milk, and peanuts.


  • Allergies are not the same as intolerances, such as lactose intolerance. Intolerances are caused by different molecular and biological mechanisms, such as the absence of an enzyme (like lactase), and don’t necessarily require the complete avoidance that allergies do. They are not the same as toxins, which create an immediate reaction on first exposure.”

Email us at and our team will take care of you. Most of our products are shelf stable for much longer than the listed expiration dates. Legally we are required to place an expiration date on our products.

If it is a severe reaction call 911, if it is mild go see your doctor and get tested. All of our products list the associated and potential allergens.

Yes we can just enter in the desired shipping address and enter your own billing address.

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There are no returns or exchanges offered on our site. Food is considered to be an item that carries a lot of bacteria especially when opened. During the Covid-19 Pandemic NO FOOD WILL BE ALLOWED TO BE SENT BACK. 

Keep it, and contact and we’ll get the correct item back to you!

Any damaged products will be properly compensated with store credits after emailing No refunds will be offered.

No returns will be accepted. Please check our returns policy for more information.

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Please contact and if the product has not shipped we can change your address. 

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At this time we are not accepting pre-orders as supply chain is still very constrained. Shipping costs are high and we do not have a good grasp of what the end cost of the product will be.

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